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INR Drive-in Clinics – Quality Improvement (QI) in Action

COVID19 18/05/2020 Early on during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID19), we set up our INR Drive-in clinic following internal discussion about how we would continue to give this very important life dependant service to our vulnerable patients. We used the basis of Quality Improvement (QI) and refined the process as part of 4 PDSA cycles. TheContinue reading “INR Drive-in Clinics – Quality Improvement (QI) in Action”

COVID-19 Update

I would like to thank our practice population for supporting West Quay Medical Centre during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and for continuing to follow Welsh Government advice to “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives“. Your actions will have a major impact our infection rates within the Vale of Glamorgan. Practice Recovery Phases After nineContinue reading “COVID-19 Update”

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